Friday, February 26, 2016

Winter 2015 A5 Team Photo

This is a photo of our 2015 Winter A5 Team.  These kids worked hard on the blog and played hard in the gym.  Thank you A5 participants for an outstanding session.  I Look forward to starting the Spring 2016 session in March.  Hope to see all of you back and to welcome any new students who would like to join and be part of something pretty special.  We, as an A5 group, would also like to thank all the supporters of our program and individuals who have checked out our blog.  Thank you...

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Leadership. The state or position of being a leader, but that's not all. To be a leader you must have integrity, acceptance, and service. They don't allow bad times to get them down. A leader is a person you will want to follow. There are a million characteristics that describe a leader. The most important one  is a great role model. 
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Success (by Sam Ferrant)

Success, for me, is accomplishing something huge. Success is something that happens when try hard to complete your goal.  Something that is the key to unlock the way of happiness for you. Something that you will look back on. It’s a feeling of accomplishment. It’s the feeling of knowing that you have done something challenging for you. That is what success is to me.Free stock photo of sunset,


     Success to me means trying your hardest towards a goal of yours. Success only happens when you try your best, and work your hardest. It's not an achievement until it's ACTUAL work, but if you really believe it's success than that's fine with me. Like they say "You miss 100% of the shots you never take" or "You never try, you never win"
Success is doing something you enjoy. Not being afraid to fall, and correct your mistakes. Success is not needing material things or making a lot of money. True success is knowing your life has value and that your content.



          Success is to complete something with integrity so it makes you feel good. You need to succeed to make it through obstacles in life. Even when you lose in something you still succeed in something. You succeed in trying your best, having fun, and having integrity. It may take courage to fight your way to succeed, so knowing that you've succeeded in something tells you that you have completed it, which makes you feel good. The goals that you set for yourself are the ones that you need to succeed, because they will reflect on you. That is what success means to me.
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What Success means to me

What does success mean to me? Success means that you are doing something in your life that is making you happy and you are completing or reaching your goal. For example if someone is trying to get better grades in say math and what ever type of studying they are doing is working and their math grade is going up then that means they are succeeding in their goal for better grades in math class. But the next time you set a goal like to stop smoking or lose weight or something then ask yourself are you being successful? That is what success means to me.


Success to me means always trying your hardest and doing your best i think that to be successful you need almost all if not if not all the other letters of SAILS.Even if you didn't win you can be successful as long as you are happy and proud that you tried your hardest.No one else can make you successful you have to decide if you are successful or not and that's what success means to me.
Success to me is when you try your hardest to do something. When you try your hardest to make someone happy. I try to do my best in everything I do. Especially when it comes to cheering, softball, and dodge ball. At the school everyone tries their hardest to keep the school clean and make everyone feel comfortable. Success in this program would be when you try your hardest to win a game and if you don't it's okay! Success is something you work for and get something out of.    



what does success mean to me? success is something you have to work for. for example... if your losing in a basketball game you will try harder and put in more effort to try and win the game to success.


        What does success mean to me? Success means to make progress throughout your life that leads to something. It doesn't even have to something great. As long as you have put your time into anything meaning full, you have made success. If you aren't successful in life, that means you haven't tried. 

Success is someone succeeding at something. Success means to me achieving what you love and finishing your dreams. Success also comes with happiness and excitement of with pashen of what you love.Image result for Success


"Success mean s to me that no matter what you try your best and you get something out of it. and when you keep grinding to bring the food home. Its not about the trophy its about repetitivness. its being  true . and hardworking. For instance Stephen Curry, he was an underdog. Now he is a star. This is just one example. What about YOU"

-Dru Ouellette


Success means do feel like you have finished or completed any task. Anything that you have accomplished is a great success. People accomplish things every day, some being small and some being life changing. You can accomplish anything if you try hard enough.
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Success to me is being able to succeed at what you are working towards. It also means succeeding without guiltiness. It is the feeling after having everything you need done for school and chores. Its also the feeling of relief. That's what success i to me. Image result for success


Success is when anything is completed and completed right. It can be a small event that won't do much, or a huge event that could change your life. In order to succeed in life you need to fail at one point. When you fail you learn from your mistakes, when you learn you can do more and succeed. So, in the long run a failure is a form of success.
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success to me is doing things for the rewards that you will receive and the joy you will give other people. Success is being happy and making others happy. You are successful if other people enjoy your company and like having you around.

Success - Joey C


     Success to me means to win. It doesn't have to mean winning, you can have success in a subject or in a league sport. If you do good on a project in a subject that's success. You can do really good on a project, that's success. Success in our A5 program can mean getting out someone to you, you can get out Mr. Epple that can be success to you, but we have success in our games. Someone wins a game, it doesn't matter if you win because you could have became a team to try to beat them, that would be success in that A5 program. Success everything!

  Success to me is when you are do anything you are doing it for the joy and rewards that come from it. It is knowing that you have your homework done for tomorrow and that you studied for the test. It is knowing your parents will be happy for you when they see your report card. Success is the feeling you get when you are rewarded for doing what is best no matter what it is. This is what Success means to me.


      Success to me is when you are done with whatever you were doing, its the joy and rewards that come from it. It is knowing that you have your homework done for tomorrow. It is knowing your parents will be happy for you when they see your report card. Success is the feeling you get when you are rewarded for doing what is best. This is what Success is to me.

S is for Success

What is success?  
According to the dictionary....
the accomplishment of an aim or purpose (goal)

Sounds great to me, but what does it mean to me?  People can be successful in their careers, personal life, financially, spiritually, etc.  I believe success means different things to different people.  I will not put someone down who looks at riches as success; or being the president of a company as success, or being an athlete that goes pro as success.  Great examples.

My understanding of success is summed up in a few things.  I believe if one does their best, each day, at living a positive, learning from their mistakes type, hard working, responsible, respectful and thoughtful life: then they are successful.  If you look at what each letter of the S.A.I.L.S. stands for, I believe living your life with a focus on those standards is success:

S is for Service
A is for Acceptance
I is for Integrity
L is for leadership
These will eventually lead to Success.

I try and do my best everyday at my job,at being a good father, good husband, respectful person, responsible person, kind person, understanding person and thoughtful person.  When I look myself in the mirror every night, if I can do that and feel I accomplished the prior, than that was a successful day, which leads to successful weeks, which leads to successful months, years and eventually a lifetime.

That is my definition of Success.

Success (Motivational Video)

Sacrifice to Succeed



     What does success mean to me? Success is a thing you have to work for. For example to get good grades you have to do your homework and pay attention in class. Success is a thing that is nice to have but you have to work towards it. I work to have success in soft ball.