Wednesday, February 10, 2016

S is for Success

What is success?  
According to the dictionary....
the accomplishment of an aim or purpose (goal)

Sounds great to me, but what does it mean to me?  People can be successful in their careers, personal life, financially, spiritually, etc.  I believe success means different things to different people.  I will not put someone down who looks at riches as success; or being the president of a company as success, or being an athlete that goes pro as success.  Great examples.

My understanding of success is summed up in a few things.  I believe if one does their best, each day, at living a positive, learning from their mistakes type, hard working, responsible, respectful and thoughtful life: then they are successful.  If you look at what each letter of the S.A.I.L.S. stands for, I believe living your life with a focus on those standards is success:

S is for Service
A is for Acceptance
I is for Integrity
L is for leadership
These will eventually lead to Success.

I try and do my best everyday at my job,at being a good father, good husband, respectful person, responsible person, kind person, understanding person and thoughtful person.  When I look myself in the mirror every night, if I can do that and feel I accomplished the prior, than that was a successful day, which leads to successful weeks, which leads to successful months, years and eventually a lifetime.

That is my definition of Success.

Success (Motivational Video)

Sacrifice to Succeed

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