Thursday, November 5, 2015

How Do I See Myself? (Project Explanation)

This assignment is a combination of an artistic piece and a writing piece.  The students have to answer the question:   How do you see yourself?  in collage form.  We introduced the website,

to the students.  Student coaches and myself went over the website and how to use it for this project.  We set up an example project to show the students how to add pictures and manipulate them on the website.  We also handed out a write up for how to use this website, that students can refer to when creating their own collage.

The following questions were also handed out to the students to think about in creating their collage:
1.  What pictures would represent different aspects of who you are?
2.  What words or phrases would represent you?
3.  What words or phrases mean something to you?  Why?
4.  How would you describe yourself?
5.  What are your values?
6.  What are you proud of about yourself?
7.  What are you not proud of about yourself?
8.  What could you work on about yourself?
9.  What are your future goals in life?

This is a copy of the directions:

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